The Silver Screen Has a Silver Lining

The Silver Screen Has a Silver Lining

How the cloud takes media and entertainment to the next level

More than a buzzword, the cloud is a game-changing tool that is reshaping various industries, media and entertainment (M&E) included. It powers content platforms to deliver a myriad of content online and make on-demand streaming and downloading as efficient as ever. This way, users can watch their favorite videos, films, or series any moment they want to.

Internet entertainment service providers like Netflix and YouTube hit a gold mine with the cloud. It fueled their growth by helping make their platforms more accessible, personalized, and relevant to the market.

Figures from the latest IABM End-user Survey show that 37 percent of end users in the M&E industry have already deployed cloud-based solutions, with a further 55 percent intending to do so in the next two to three years. This is a positive development for cloud adoption in this industry, which means that organizations are becoming more aware of the cloud’s benefits as time goes by.

Content creation and control, the capability to handle usage demands, cost-efficiency, and full time support supervision are some of the major reasons why the cloud is gaining traction in media & entertainment.  More importantly, the cloud helps the M&E industry change the way content is distributed to the public. Such is used to accommodate consumers’ changing preference for content consumption, their increased exposure to globally relevant digital content, and other technological advancements.

Netflix, for instance, achieved tremendous growth when it focused its service from DVD-by-mail distribution to video streaming. It also strategically released binge-worthy and often original content that users can consume at their most convenient time and place — whether at home or in the outdoors. The content platform banked its service on a market that particularly relied on smartphones (32%), television (31%), desktops (26%), and tablets (11%) in order to view content. This data is according to YouGov, a global marketing research firm.

With the site’s availability in the country, Filipinos’ interest in content is widened as they are exposed to a wide variety of material, most of which are in entertainment format.

Gaming in the cloud

Online gambling is another form of entertainment that is achieving massive growth over the years. Research states that by 2026, the online gambling and betting market is expected to reach a global market value of US$128.2 billion, expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 11.8 percent from 2018 to 2026.

Arriving at these figures is not surprising, as the platform is capable of reaching a wider market, with the help of the cloud. Through this resource, the gambling site is able to offer a diverse selection of games and hold plays efficiently sans worry about server crashes. The same concept holds true in role playing games (RPG), where streaming allows video-gaming entities to host virtual gamers and play with ease, simultaneously.

By going online and using a cloud service, there’s no need to physically visit a brick-and-mortar casino or computer shop in order to play. Instead, any consumer can conveniently do so on-the-go by simply logging in to the platform on their laptop or mobile device.

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